This week I shared a video of me making Bees Wax wraps which I love. I bought some from eBay about 18 months ago and apart from the one the kids lost the others are still going strong so I decided to have a go at making a few of my own.

I think it probably worked out at about $4-5 per wrap. The kids had fun choosing their own fabric and I did the hot bit! These wraps are great for packed lunches but avoid raw meat. I bought my beeswax from Bulk Source but when I looked on their site I couldn't find it, Aussie Soap Supplies also sells it.

Here's the link if you'd like to watch my video

Beeswax Wraps

You will need:

100% cotton fabric 30 x 30 is a good sandwich size

2 tbs Beeswax

Baking paper

old towels

Pinking scissors


  1. Cut out your fabric, using pinking scissors helps to stop it fraying.

  2. Place an old towel to cover the whole ironing board (the wax can get pretty messy) or use an upturned baking tray, then a sheet of baking paper (make sure it's bigger than your fabric, you might need two bits) .

  3. Place your fabric on top of the baking paper.

  4. Sprinkle two tbs of beeswax over the fabric.

  5. Put another layer of baking paper and a tea towel on top.

  6. Using the iron on medium to high setting melt the wax so that all of the fabric is soaked, you may need to add more wax. You'll need to peek under the towel every now and then to check how the wax is spreading. Some videos don't use a top towel but I found the wax did come through the baking paper then onto the iron. (I'm not sure if it is possible to use parchment paper which is thicker to stop this from happening)

  7. While it's still hot peel off the paper then lift your fabric at the corners, careful it will still be hot!

  8. Flap it in the air till it cools and it's ready to pop over bowls and wrap your lunch in.

I have spotted a few other methods that I have not tried yet but may be less messy, one involves putting the fabric in the oven to melt the wax then spreading it with a fork or brush. If you try this let me know how it goes. There is also the option to add pine resin and jojoba oil to make the wrap stickier so it holds in place but I didn't find I needed this. I hope to sell these as an add on to my low tox kits which should be on sale very soon!!

Updated: May 18

Roller balls are one of the easiest was to make up and apply oil blends. I have been using frankincense as part of my skin care routine for a few months now and definitely notice my skin being brighter and softer. I was applying it with some coconut oil but mixing it in my hand each night but it was a bit messy so I decided to make this handy little roller ball bottle.

Coconut oil can be a little heavy so I swapped it out for almond oil in my recipe and added some cedarwood to boost the skin loving magic. Each night and sometimes in the morning I roll some under my eyes, on my forehead and neck then massage in.

Frankincense can help support cellular function, so it's often used to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes. It's aromatic properties are said to promote feelings of relaxation, peace, and overall wellness. This is one clever little oil!

Cedarwood oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This may make it beneficial for skin conditions like acne. One case study indicated that the addition of cedarwood oil to traditional acne treatments was helpful for alleviating and reducing stubborn breakouts. It is emotionally grounding and promotes the feelings of safety and tranquility so can help with sleep.


10 ml Roller Bottle

15 - 20 drops Frankincense Oil

15 - 20 drops Cedarwood Oil

Almond Oil

I usually add my essential oils first then the almond oil so there is less chance of it overflowing, shake the bottle with your finger over the end and smell test to see if you want to add more oil.

You can uses other brands of oil but you may need to increase the amount of essential oil used as cheaper brands often contain filler oils.

Updated: May 18

My dad collected glass bottles and newspapers before recycling was really even a mainstream thing, and certainly way before we had the convenience of a recycling bin in our garden. I love that this influenced me to feel motivated to be eco friendly. I upped my game last year when I decided to try to not just recycle but reduce the waste out family creates.

Like all mums, I'm pretty busy so these needed to be things that were quick and hassle free.

Here are 10 of the ways I've found easy to cut back on waste.

  1. Soap bars instead of bottles of shower gel and hand wash. Took a while to get my husband into this but a year in and he is almost converted. I also got the kids on the side by making some easy soap at home using Aussie Soap supplies melt and pour soap. They loved picking essential oil blends.

2. Bulk buy Cleaning Cloths I bought 20 microfiber cloths and just chuck them in the wash after a day or two then reuse. So much better then the sponges I used to use that fell apart and ended up in the bin.

3. Shampoo Bar to replace bottles of shampoo. I've been using the Lush ones which last for ages if you keep them in a little box so they don't get squishy. I'm going to look into their chemical ingredients as I try to go more low tox. I tried the conditioner bars but didn't love them so they are on my 'to find' list.

4. Packed lunch box with compartments or tupperware we were using a LOT of plastic sandwich bags in lunch boxes which wasn't good. I tried buying thick ones and washing them but it was a pain to dry them. This SMASH box is the best one I've tried, it has two dividers you can remove and they are still in great condition after a year of use.

5. Big snack bags Instead of buying multi packs. I try to buy large bags of crisps, popcorn etc for the kids packed lunched to reduce the amount of packaging we have to bin. This is where the conpartment style packed lunch is great, my main tip from the kids is to add the snack in the morning as they tend to go soggy if they are in the fridge all night.

6. Water Bottles I used to buy cartons of juice for the kids but since coming to Australia we just always use double lined metal water bottles.

7. Reuse food bags if like us you have a dog, bread bags and similar work well to pick up poo. I also try to buy the dog poo bags that decompose.

8. Invest in some fruit and veg bags, I got a pack of these net ones on ebay and keep them in the car with my reusable shopping bags. Remembering them is not always my strong point!

9. Home made cleaners so we reuse bottles. I recently bought the book " Naturally Inspired" as I am keen to reduce the amount of chemicals in our house. One of the recipes I've loved so far are cleaning fizzies. These little tablets keep your loo fresh, only use 3 natural ingredients and you can use an old yogurt pot as packaging. I'll be sharing a video of how to make them and other recipes soon.

10. Worm Farm, so this one is on my 'todo' list as my kids learned all about it in their school garden. They tell me worms a greedy wee buggers so loved food scraps and you can use their pee (Nice!) to feed your plants! Win win!