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I fell in love with essential oils when I introduced blends to my yoga classes. It is amazing how they can change your mood and make cleaning and body products smell blissful. I'm very in to how things smell, I never buy a shampoo without smelling it first, so have become a little addicted to diffusing essential oils at home. 

I've tried a few brands of oils, some which smelt kind of fake and others that just weren't strong enough to last any amount of time. I was recommended Young Living by a friend but was a little reluctant at first as they are a bigger investment compared to other brands. What I have found is that the quality is much higher, they are ethically sourced and have no nasty fillers which means they last much longer.

So for me thats worth the extra spend.  

If you would like to start your collection pop over to my Young Living shop or send me a message to find out more about the 50% off starter kit and how to save 24% as a member.

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