Easy Low Tox Bath Salts or Foot Soak

Updated: Apr 1

I recently started learning about the ingredients in the products my family uses to clean our house and ourselves. I was pretty shocked to discover the chemical cocktail we use on our skin every day. The biggest surprise was the carcinogenic byproduct in our foaming handwash.

This low tox bath salt recipe is one of my favourites as Its super simple, makes a beautiful present and is a lovely way to take a little bit of time out to relax. Epsom salts are also an awesome way to relax muscles and tension. Not a fan of a bath, no problem! Pop some in a basin and soak your feet.



3/4 cup of Epsom Salts

1/4 cup sea salt or pink Himalayan salt

1/4 bicarb soda

10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil

My favourite Young Living essential oil blends:

Lavender & Cedarwoor - calming and helps sleep

Wild Orange & Bergamot - Uplifting

Arborvitae & Wild Orange _ Grounding

1.Mix epsom salts, bicarb soda and essential oil in a bowl.

2. Spoon into your jar or container, alternate between a layer of the salt mix and pink Himalayan salt to create a pretty layered effect.

3. Add dried flowers like lavender or rose petals for decoration. Tie some cute twine round to make a kind gift.

You can use any jar, I like to keep any glass jars from food in our house or Red Dot and Kmart have some pretty and very reasonably jars.

Want to get you awesome smell on? Pop over to my Young Living page to order your own oils.

(Or message me to find out about becoming a Young Living member to benefit from wholesale prices)

I've found the cheapest place to get ingredients is Aussie Candle Supplies or Diffusional

Bulk Source or your local supermarket can also be handy but a little more expensive.

A big thank you to Sakura Holistic for teaching me this recipe.

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